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GIRI & WWL & BION Conference 2024


Science of Homeopathy and Emergent Properties of Water
Unveiling New Perspectives for Global Health

Homeopathy, once considered solely a well-established alternative or complementary healing discipline, has also become a focal point for a burgeoning branch of scientific exploration.

Beyond its conventional healing practice, the foundations and mechanisms of potentized high dilutions are subject to scrutiny through an expanding body of scientific research. These investigations go far beyond clinical studies and include tissue and cellular models of different organisms and, more recently, ecology. In addition, in the last decades, the stated research has gone far beyond living beings since it extended to the physicochemical realm, studying the altered characteristics of fluids subjected to the homeopathic ultra-high dilution (UHD) process.

Extensive scientific efforts have offered convincing evidence of the altered properties of fluids treated with the UHD methodology. These findings provide substantial support for the view that the efficacy of homeopathy is rooted in the emergent properties of polar solvents, water, in particular. More than that, the water properties we learn about from UHD solutions also occur in other treatments of water or aqueous solutions. This is why we can establish a new science of emergent properties of water. It is to substantiate and make new steps in developing this science that the November Conference in Ljubljana will be dedicated to.

This multi-faceted approach sheds light on the fundamental principles of the effectiveness of homeopathy as well as of many other non-chemical water treatments, opening up an entirely new horizon for the development of global health, ranging from individual living beings, including humans, through ecosystems to planet Earth as a whole.

Scientific / Organization Committee:

Prof. Carla Holandino – UFRJ – Brazil – President of the GIRI

Prof. Igor Jerman – Bion Institute – Slovenia – President of the Conference

Dr. Everine van de Kraats – World Water Lab – The Netherlands – WWL Founder

Dr. Vesna Periček Krapež – Bion Institute – Slovenia

Prof. Adalberto CB von Ancken – UCS – Brazil – Secretary of the GIRI

Prof. Leoni V Bonamin – UNIP – Brazil – Editor of the GIRI

Practical information:


From June 1st, 2024 to July 15, 2024 (from July 15 to August 31 the abstracts will be submitted to peer review)GIRI and WWL members only can submit abstracts using the IJHDR system (instructions sent by email)
From June 1st, 2024 to September 1st, 2024Early-bird inscriptions to the audience (fee 1)  
From Sept 1st, 2024 to Sept 15th, 2024Late inscriptions to abstract authors only (fee 1)
September 16th, 2024Closing of the list for presentations and accepted abstracts publication in the proceedings (IJHDR)
From Sept 1st, 2024 to November 9, 2024Late inscriptions to the audience (fee 2)  


Fee 1 (June 1st to September 1st, 2024)

for live or Zoom (FULL PARTICIPATION): 120 €

for students: 50 € (probatory document must be sent at the inscription)

for 1 day audience: 50 €

Fee 2 (September 1st to November 9st, 2024)

for live or Zoom (FULL PARTICIPATION): 150 €

for students: 60 € (probatory document must be sent at the inscription)

for 1 day audience: 60 €


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About inscriptions only:


This year, abstracts will be accepted only from GIRI members, WWL members and authors invited by the organization committee. The instructions will be sent by email only.

OBS. Information about location, and hotel booking will be disclosed soon.