GIRI is an international professional scientific society uniting researchers engaged in research on very low dose and high dilution effects including homeopathy. If you would like to join the GIRI community, in this section your can choose between three membership options:

– The regular membership. To become a regular GIRI member you need to have at least one peer-reviewed scientific publication you authored or co-authored.

– The student membership. In case you want to apply for a student membership, we will ask you about your research focus and contact data of your supervisor.

The institutional membership. If you wish your institution to support GIRI choose this membership option. The annual fee for institutional members is 1000 Euro.

If you want to apply for membership, please, send an email to: explaining the reason you want to be a GIRI member, in which category, your ORCID, and your curriculum vitae (or Curriculum Lattes for Brazilians) as an attached file. Your application will be evaluated by the GIRI Board and the answer will be sent to you by email. There is no annual fee for personal members.