GIRI is a professional scientific society uniting biologists, pharmacologists, physicians, chemists, physicists, and mathematicians from all over the world. The distinctive feature of the research activities of the group is the study of ultra low dose impulses or very high dilutions, homoeopathy included. Although the mechanism of action of the very dilute solutions of active principles on biological systems is an important concern of GIRI, the Group major interest is directed towards the possible medicinal and therapeutic relevance of very low doses and high dilutions.



GIRI meeting in Florence/Italy


GIRI organizes yearly meetings providing to its members and associated scientists the opportunity to present their research, exchange experiences, make new contacts, and develop international joint-research projects.

This year GIRI will meet for the 31st time!

The proceedings of GIRI meetings get published in a peer-reviewed open-access journal (International Journal of High Dilution Research; IJHDR) hosted by GIRI. We provide also to our members a regular newsletter informing them on newly published articles and forthcoming scientific events. The membership in GIRI is free.